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Wall Cabinets - White Melamine (12" Sample)

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Product Details

Wall Cabinet ready for doors:

This product is available for clients to review. If it does not meet your needs, let us know and we will make one that does.

And yes, this product is limited to a quantity of 1 per order.

- Hinge plates mounted at 4" from top and bottom from door top and bottom edges.

- If you require doors over 36" in height, or 24" in width, the cabinet will receive a 3rd hinge plates at center

- If you require doors over 48" in height, the cabinet will receive 4 hinge plates at equal distances

- Edges are clad with 0.5mm PVC edgetape to match interior.

- All cabinet parts are 3/4" thick (see the product called "Wall Cabinet Settings to see more options)

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